A small background

LCTS has been founded in 2008 (however registered as a partnership with MFSA in 2015 with P1584 & VAT No MT23073421) with the aim of offering educational and administrative support services to various other entities and associations. The services offered are mainly, consultancy, training, coaching, mentoring and administrative services.


Our aim is to offer our services in educational development, administration support and consultancy (coaching, mentoring and counselling) with the sole aim of engaging and empowering the human person. Every human person is unique and aspires towards self-actualization and through our services we try to ease his journey towards this ultimate goal.

Mission Statement

In a professional and continuous manner, we aim to our offer our support towards the development of the human person in all aspects of life at high standards  for the person’s well-being.


  • to provide training and educational support to other public and private entities as required;
  • to provide coaching and mentoring on an individual and group levels;
  • to provide consultancy services on various business aspects;
  • to support organisations and associations in the application, processing and implementation of EU and non-EU funded projects;
  • to support organisations, associations and groups in the administration of EU and non-EU funded projects;
  • to create and support projects for the benefit of organisations with a social and non-social aims;
  • to support any organisation, group or individual to benefit from existing services both local and international;
  • to offer any administrative support to any other service.