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LCTS provides an outlet for you to both embellish your career-oriented skillset, as well as the means to potentially jumpstart your next career move.


What we offer:

Full time, Temporary for short periods of time to complete projects, busy seasons
or leaves of absence. This staffing option offers a company the time to assess the
performance of employees for a period of time before hire. This allows your organization
the opportunity to assure your needs is met and that employees are a good fit for the

We perform individual candidate interviews, background checks, medical
checkups, and Specialized Staffing and client-specific orientation sessions before
sending our employees to each client.

We will be recruiting persons from all over the world who is experienced and expertise
in different sectors such as Information Technology Professionals, Accounting,
Hospitality, Service Staff,  Chefs, Administrations, Engineers, Mechanics, 
Electricians, Plumbers, Construction Workers,  Factory labors, Pharmaceuticals, 
technological, Cleaners, etc.

A contract will be signed before in order to deliver our service as per your needs.
Therefore we would like to meet you in person to discuss more in details about this new

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