Coaching and Mentoring

Do you feel like you, or anyone in your business, needs further guidance in order to succeed?

LCTS offer mentoring sessions for team members in a myriad of topics, engineered specifically with the intention of maximising efficiency as a single unit. These courses may be in any topic necessary in order to attain this goal, from team building workshops to sales pitching, as well as anything in between.

Why might you need executive coaching?

Executive coaching is significant for employees that are higher on the organisational hierarchy in order to help them gain a self-awareness of what their strengths and potential fields of improvement are.

Our qualified professionals in this field can help you or your executives unlock this potential, in the name of bringing out the best your organisation has to offer from every step of the ladder.

The right mentoring can be the difference between a good business and a great one.

No team member or employee starts off perfect. The training and mentoring options one has often provide a new employee's initial impressions of how an organisation values them and the value of the work they are about to contribute. Presenting a healthy mentoring system shows one that their growth is significant to the whole, contributing to morale and willingness to improve.